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final sale! Fructozym Color is a liquid, highly concentrated pectolytic enzyme preparation for the preparation of particularly color-intensive juices. Colorants are extracted from the pulp and stored stabilized in the juice. Best stored in the refrigerator. Content: 1kg. Dosage: dosages depend on the type of fruit, degree of ripeness, temperature and contact time. The standard guidance values mentioned below apply at a temperature of 40-50°C and an exposure time of 1-2 hours. Black currants: 150-300 ml / 1000 kg mash. 20-50 ml / 1000 l juice. Other berries: 50-150 ml / 1000 kg weight. 5-30 ml / 1000 l of juice. Using Enzymes You've heard many stories about enzymes, so let's get some facts straight. If not otherwise required, the enzymes must be in contact with the product for 12 hours  +20°C. Every 7°C reduction in temperature must be compensated by doubling the dose. If you want to shorten the contact time to 6 hours, you have to dose twice the amount. The order in which ingredients are added is of the utmost importance, as one ingredient can have a strong effect on another - even an adverse one - so never add bentonite, for example, while the enzymes are still active. Leave at least 12 hours between adding enzymes and adding bentonite./ Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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