pectolytic enzyme Vinoferm zymex 25 g

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Vinoferm® Zymex
A special multi-active enzyme (pectina, arabinase and beta-glucosidase activity) for powder for aromatic wines and distillates. Arabinaas and beta-glycosidase activity relieve the aromatic components of the fruits/berries associated with sugars. This results in aromatic and full wine/wort. Can also be used for distillation. May cause a slight loss of color. It is best to store in the refrigerator. Dosage: 4-8g /10kg of crushed fruit-berry mass (+20 ° C = 12h)
use of enzymes
You have heard several stories about enzymes, so let's find out Some facts. Unless otherwise required, the enzyme contact with the product should be 12h & nbsp; & nbsp;+20 ° C. The temperature reduction of every 7 ° C must be compensated for by doubling. If you want to shorten the contact time up to 6h, you need to dose the amount of 2x. The order of adding ingredients is extremely important because one ingredient can have a strong effect on the other - even unfavorable - so that bentonitis is never added, for example, when enzymes are still active. Leave for at least 12 hours between adding enzymes and adding bentonite. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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