Oak barrel 225l American Oak Medium Toast

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High quality and new American oak. Produced at the world's 3rd big producer! There is an incomparable aroma on the wines aged in these barrels: the American oak gives more exotic tones. Top quality with guaranteed toast (average +)! Wood thickness: 27mm, beautifully finished!
Capacity: 225L, & nbsp; Ø middle part x height: 69 x 95 cm, & nbsp; Ø Open: 58 mm, & nbsp; without extra accessories

How to use and maintain a wooden view? Poorly maintained watch & nbsp; but leads to problems and infections. Therefore, proper care is crucial. Below Some Tips: & NBSP;
Preparation of a new barrel / disinfection: & nbsp; Fill in a solution with a solution of 10 g of venous acid per liter of water and allow 4-5 days to soak (wood and possible small leaks to heal). Then & nbsp; let it be drained thoroughly and disinfect with a sulfur band. Immediately fill with wine & nbsp; (filled with caution). A lot of tannins are released from the new barrels. Therefore, do not let the wine be prepared for a long time - regularly check the taste development! & Nbsp;
Preparation of the barrel used: & nbsp; clean the barrel thoroughly with anhydrous soda (1 kg of soda up to 10 liters of hot water). Use a brush or aid & nbsp if possible to scrub the inner wall. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Fill the barrel with 10g of viney acid solution & nbsp; per liter of water and leave to soak for 2-3 days. Empty the barrel, let it empty thoroughly and
Disinfect the sulfur strip by burning (1/4 wicker /100 liters).
Keeping an empty barrel: Wooden barrels are not designed for empty storage! If it should be necessary from time to time, never leave wine residues or a black barrel! Always rinse immediately with clean water. Then & nbsp; let the barrel drain the day and burn the sulfur strip (1/4 wicker / 100 liters of contents). Close the look well & nbsp; with wood or silicone cap and hold in a humid and cool place (humidity 70%, 12-17 ° C). Burn & nbsp; sulfur strip again every three months.
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