malocid malolactic bact. 100 g for 200 l

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Yeast culture for controlled malolactic fermentation. Contains high concentration of bacteria in Leuconostic Oenos, which makes the current malic acid into vanolary acid. It reduces acidity, softens taste and increases wine stability. This technique has been used in the wine industry for many years and is now available at home for wine makers! Dosage: 5g/10l wine. Add wine after fermentation and before clarification.
When and how to make malolactic fermentation?
Malolactic fermentation has many advantages. However, lactic acid bacteria have completely different environmental requirements than conventional yeasts. Therefore, several important factors must be taken into account. Malolactic fermentation is done properly and smoothly: it is best to start with malolactic fermentation just before the end of alcoholic fermentation (residual gas & lt; 4G/l). The free SO2 content must be maximum 10mg/l and the total SO2 content of a maximum of 30mg/l. The pH of the wine must be at least 3.1 and the alcohol content must be a maximum of 13 %. In the end, the temperature of the wine is also very important: 17 ° C or more. Dilute the freeze-dried culture with plenty of water (approximately 10-20 x powder weight) at 25 ° C and stirring constantly. Stir occasionally and after half an hour add it to the wine. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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