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Harvest Right's lyophiliser / freezer is ideal for any lab. The scientific freezer can be fully adapted to your preferred processes. You may have multiple controlled profiles, each of which allows the capacitor device and the oil-free vacuum pump automatically on and off with rising, adjustable temperature and time settings.
The main features and advantages: 5-tray/drying surface, & nbsp; can freeze up to 12-15kg of raw material. & nbsp; full-color touch screen. & nbsp; 6-liter ice condensation. & nbsp; surgery allows recipes adjustment (up to 10 thermal processing and 12 drying stages). & nbsp; This means that the freezing rate can be accelerated or slowed down. & Nbsp; final freezing temperature adjustment. & Nbsp; checking the time of keeping the upper freezing temperature before starting the drying cycle. & Nbsp; shelf temperature control during dry cycle. This includes setting up to five different shelves, allowing the material to dry in phases, at different temperatures. For example, you can allow the material to dry at -12 ° C and raise the temperature in phases until the final final dry temperature is -56 ° C. & nbsp; shelf warmers can be set to automatically control the sublimation rate during the initial drying cycle. Through this process, the device can control the vacuum pressure. & NBSP; the system records and retains the pressure and temperature log of all parts of the freeze-drying cycle.
Provides continuous real-time pressure and temperature display monitor Cycle data send to your computer.
Technical Descriptions: & nbsp; Capacity: 6 liters of sublimated ice, & nbsp; min. Temp. Rating: cool to -43ºC, & nbsp; Corps & NBSP; Material: stainless steel, & nbsp; drying chamber: lid (stainless steel), & nbsp; cleaning valve: included, & nbsp; voltage: 220V, 10a
Dimensions: 52cm high x 65cm deep x 58cm wide, & nbsp; 560w. Exterior surface: aluminum, & nbsp; Electronics: Includes a full-color touch screen (4.3-inch diagonal), & nbsp; use: manual / automated, & nbsp; vacuum pump: 7 CFM oil-free scroll vacuum pump, & nbsp; & nbsp; for. & nbsp; Warranty: A guarantee of the manufacturer's annual warranty except a vacuum pump with a 6-month warranty. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 115
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