hydrometer with 3 scales

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The 3 -scale hydrometer is ideal for wines, ciders, beers and honey control. With three colored scale: density, sugar content and potential alcohol content. & Nbsp; range: Baumé 0/17, & nbsp; & nbsp; 0-30 g/l sugar. 0-19 % volume alcohol content. Needs 200 ml of cylinder. & Nbsp;
Density Measurement: & nbsp; Glass hydrometers follow the "Archimedes" principle: any fluid fully or partially submerged is a mass of 1 cubic centimeter (1 cm3 or 1 ml) of clean water. Sugar measures some units with a direct connection to a mass of mass. However, other units are related to density or special weight. The relative density is volume of volume (G / cm3). The special weight of the clean water is 1 g / cm3. S.G. There is 1 (1000) of the water. & nbsp; & nbsp; the wine strength is measured as follows: for example, the sugar content of the wine before ferment is +80 and after -5. The formula for alcohol is: 85: 7.5 = 11.33% or viscososity on the basis of the viscosity: at first e.g. 1,116 (16%) and at the end of fermentation 1.030 (4%) The final product alcohol content is 16-4 = 12%.. The beginning and end sugar content must be combined and divided by 7.5.or, for example on a sugar scale) and a viscosity of 1.044 (on a scale) when the amount of sugar fermented is 6.1% (alcohol scale). If we would like 14% alcohol -containing wine and sugar scale on the device that 270g of sugar per liter is required but only 120g is required for measurement - consequently, sugar 270-120 = 150g /l should be added to the juice. & Nbsp; > What is a denimeter and why is it necessary? It is used to make beer and beer to measure the sugar content of the wort. The denimeter is essentially a float with a scale on top. The scale shows how deep it sinks and the water is read on the waterline. The result indicates the ratio of the density of the fluid to the density of pure water. The density of clean water with hydrometer is always 1,000. If sugars or other soluble substances (such as salt) are mixed in the water, we get the result of 1,000 larger readings. However, the density of the alcohol is usually lower than the density of pure water, so less than 1,000 is a common alcohol -rich fluid. The densimeter readings are set for measurement in a 15 degree (Celsius) liquid so it is worth making sure that there is a more or less temperature at the time of measurement. A simple densimeter can be obtained from the store for a price of 5-15 euros. There are one and three scales in the densimeters. The single -scale denimeter shows only the special weight. In addition to the special weight, the densimeter with three scales also shows the sugar content G/L and the potential alcohol content in the ready -made drink. For example, in the case of Kalja, the densimeter reading should remain on the 1020 borders on the special weight scale. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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