Combined filler: bag in box filler BB20 + gravity filler desk type with 4 filling heads

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High quality and semi -automatic bottle for bottling bags and bottles. Fully automatic bottling cycle (bags): vacuum & gt; filling- & gt; ending & gt;+CO2. Productivity; 3l - 350pc/h; 5L-300TK/h; 10L-180pt/h; 20L-130pc/h; Accuracy +/- 5CL. Power: 1.1kW + 1.5kW (220V or 380V). Air pressure: 6bar; CO2 pressure: 1bar; Dimensions: 60x82x150cm; Weight: 70kg. Produced in Italy. Supplied with: PLC panel control with touch screen and multilingual program / electromagnetic meter-sensor (Burkert type), for cold liquid (such as wine / water) / vacuum system and nitrogen system / automatic piston to block filler head / pump HP 1.5 with Power Power 4500lt 4500lt / h / double start switch / blister, setting range from 1l to 30 liters / Semi -automatic manual for opening / closing the filling head with adjustable height / open and closing taps. Vitop Standard (other request) / stainless steel desktop with 4 wheels / device cleaning fittings (CIP) / Automatic cleaning program / return valve in the pump system / connecting pipes and fittings (triclamp 1.5 "). On the other side : Stainless control panel, CO2 pressure reduction valve, oil bottle filling, bottle speed adjustment, filters, pouch-up bag bottles, bag & gt; box installation. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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