Vacuum pump VEVO 0.7kw 3x10-1Pa, 25 Microns

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SAMPLE PRODUCT AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE! DURABLE MATERIAL- The vacuum pump is made of strong aluminum alloy with good heat dissipation, durable and strong. Strong copper motor with stable operation. The base was made of composite rubber material to extend the life of the machine. NO RETURN - the vacuum pump is designed to prevent chamber fouling by preventing oil from flowing back and contaminating the tank and pipes. The oil filler hole makes adding oil easier as it is accessible from the front or both sides. OIL VIEWING WINDOW - The AC vacuum pump is equipped with an oil viewing window so that you can easily monitor the oil level and quality and avoid oil shortage. The oil drain valve located at the bottom of the oil tank ensures faster and more complete draining. INTELLIGENT COOLING - The vacuum pump can cool itself and prevent it from burning out if something gets stuck. Built-in thermal protection can prevent machines from burning and extend the life of the machine. WIDE APPLICATION- The ergonomic handle is designed for superior comfort and portability. vacuum pump is suitable for household air conditioning, car maintenance, vacuum packaging, refrigerator vacuum equipment, industry, etc. Specifications: Vacuum: 3x10-1Pa, 25 Micron, Pump Speed: 2000 RPM, Type: 2 Stage Vacuum Pump, Pump Oil Capacity: 600ml, Free Air Displacement: 10 CFM, 254 L/M, Note: Oil Not Included , Power/voltage: 0.74kw, 220V/50-60HZ, Suitable for all refrigerants: R12, R134a, R22, R410a, R404, R502, etc..
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