Tree shaking unit GACEK- Stone fruit harvester

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Jagoda's bunny Gacek is designed for cleaning of sour cherries, plums, hazelnuts, almonds and other. inverted umbrella, which is automatically folded under the tree before shaking the fruits. & nbsp; the innovative shaking head provides proper operation and is much more delicate for the trees than other shaking head ... The ability to change the gravity of the shaking head. & nbsp; gacek machine recommended for up to 5 ha. Under optimal conditions, fruits are collected from 50-60 trees per hour. & Nbsp; transport from the manufacturer's warehouse at an additional price! & Nbsp; Cider Mill OÜ is the official representative of Jagoda products in Estonia! Equipped with: & nbsp; Effective system for pure fruits, shake adjustment, & nbsp; high quality fruits and high reliability, collection of fruits in a small or large box (standard equipment), & nbsp; distance between rows & nbsp; min. 4 m, distance between trees in a row min min. 2.2 m, & nbsp; max. Collection of about 3.7 m in diameter, stem diameter 50mm to 220mm, harvesting height & nbsp; min. 0.7 m. Possibility to pick up directly into the base box 1200x1000x760mm or accessible beams using boxes in 600x400x150mm.
Technical Info: 3-point connection method Method for attaching the tractor, & nbsp; tractor hydraulics min. & Nbsp; & nbsp; tractor power min 30 hp, & nbsp; max distance: 5200mm, & nbsp; Max working width: 3700 mm, & nbsp; work height 2400 mm, & nbsp; weight 1250 kg, & nbsp; paw grip 50-220 mm, & nbsp; %, & nbsp; productivity up to 0.5 ha/8h (50 trees/hour), & nbsp; number of operators 2-3 / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 1250
High (m) 2.4
Width (m) 2.4
Length (m) 4.8
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