Berry Harvester: JAREK 5 Plus

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Equipped with one special rap 920, which is designed specifically for soft berries ... The plastic shaking set minimizes berry damage. In addition, equipped with a pre -apparator that removes small impurities, an additional control conveyor that facilitates dirt and damaged fruits removal. & Nbsp; transport from the manufacturer's warehouse at an additional price! & Nbsp; Cider Mill OÜ is the official representative of Jagoda products in Estonia! Jarek 5/Aronic/Jarek 5h and Jarek 5r are newer models of semi-row-collection combine combinations behind the tractor, designed for berries such as blackcurrants, red and yellow currants, gooseberries, chokeberries Berries for collecting. & amp; Rosehip. Our semi -row combine is characterized by high quality finishes, full equipment, simple construction and simple work. The modular structure allows the combines to be adapted to the customer's needs and different harvesting conditions. We guarantee the highest standards for harvest accuracy and performance is Jagoda's semi-line combine in Europe the best-selling thanks: ▪ Modular design allows the machine to be equipped with a variety of configurations that adds high value to standard version and improves cost-effectiveness ▪ Collection accuracy is 98% .
The standard model is equipped with : - 2 innovative and exclusive shaking heads for 920 Jarek 5, 1 shake head for Jarek 5R and Aronic, which ensures proper machine operation and is much more delicate to shrubs than conventional shaking heads. Shake heads 920 can be adjusted by changing the weight of the rotating weight so that it can be used on different berries. - Hydraulic guide axis, which gives a very good turning radius and is especially important for the turntable - a protective roof - platform for collecting fruits: small boxes (10 kg) / pallets (500 kg) - for low shrubs, no accessories, Install the sun -shaped "shaking elements as low as possible. Thanks to this solution, you can collect fruits from young and low shrubs without any accessories - hydraulic actuators, full -timed actuators - low and easy maintenance: innovative chain defense system against excessive stretching / magnet closed shaking covers that allow easy access to shaking and a single or double sun-shaped shaking element. Plastics have better elasticity, more durable and do not damage the bush - the mechanical collector controls the low branches to the conveyor - the harvester rotating connection to the tractor's side - design allows the harvester to be adjusted according to the customer's needs at different planting conditions - hydraulic actuators /Strong> Hydraulic leveling wheels are recommended for effective operation perpendicular to slopes 3 ° to 12 °. - Brakes: Recommended for effective work on intersecting slopes from 1 ° to 2 ° - hydraulic sliding beam: Adjust the combine tractor inside, lifting and lowering and moving it to the right/left. (4 directions) - oil cooler: recommended for continuous operation, especially in hot climates. - Wireless/ radio conductor (up to 80 meters) - Electrical Voltage Management: Necessary to control various selective functions from the tractor - Hydraulic First Director: The Standard version Our Harvester is equipped with Mechanical - Gooseberry Covers: Related Goose Berry or Other Berries Very prone to shaking. - The rear platform deck extension is 60 cm. - On the unemployment platform / set of tea lights - 3 types of shake heads for different fruits - high vibration energy for Aronic Aronia - 920: Adjust the Haskapi and Raspberry Mass -Rock - Bos Raput: Sisters, Rose Ships, Barriers and Saskatones
trailable, 1/2 row harvester, 2-bos shakut, harvesting rate 0.6-1.5km/h (0.1-0.2ha/h), transport speed 20km/h, harvesting, harvesting, harvesting up to 99 %, injuries & lt; 1%, required workforce - tractor and operator, tractor min 30 hp / 300 rpm. Dimensions: height 2.5m, length 6.1m, width 2.6m and weight 1950kg. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 1850
High (m) 2.5
Width (m) 2.4
Length (m) 6.1
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