Berry Harvester: JAREK 5 Plus

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Equipped with one special shaker 920, specially designed for soft berries...a set of plastic shaking elements minimizes damage to the berries. Additionally equipped with a pre-separator that removes small impurities, an additional control conveyor that facilitates the removal of dirt and damaged fruits. Transport from the manufacturer's warehouse at an additional cost! Cider Mill OÜ is the official representative of Jagoda products in Estonia! JAREK 5/ ARONIC/JAREK 5H and JAREK 5R are newer models of tractor-mounted semi-row harvesters designed for harvesting berries such as black currants, red and yellow currants, gooseberries, chokeberry, haskap, autumn fruit raspberries, saskaton berries. & rose hips. Our semi-row combines are characterized by high-quality finish, full equipment, simple construction and easy operation. The modular construction allows to adapt the harvesters according to the customer's needs and different picking conditions. We guarantee the highest standards in terms of harvesting precision and performance, the JAGODA half-row harvester is the best-seller in Europe thanks to: ▪ The modular design allows the machine to be equipped with different configurations, which adds high value to the standard version and improves cost efficiency. . The standard model is equipped with: - 2 innovative and exclusive shaking heads for the 920 JAREK 5, 1 shaking head for the JAREK 5R and ARONIC, which ensure the proper operation of the machine and are much gentler on the bushes than normal shaking heads. Shaking head 920 can be adjusted by changing the shaking force of the rotating weight mass to be used on different berries. - Hydraulic steering axle, which gives a very good turning radius and is especially important for reverse turns - Protective roof - Platform for collecting fruit: in small boxes (10 kg) / pallets (500 kg) - No additional accessories are needed for low bushes, our harvester stands out with a unique design that allows " "sun-shaped" shaking elements should be installed as low as possible. Thanks to this solution, fruit can be collected even from young and low bushes without additional equipment - Hydraulic drives, fully adjustable drives of the working elements - Low and easy maintenance: innovative chain protection system against excessive stretching / Magnetically closed shaker covers for easy access to the shakers and trouble-free maintenance - 7 plastic/metal single or double sun-shaped shaking element. The plastic elements have better elasticity, are more durable and do not damage the bushings - The mechanical collector guides the low branches to the conveyor - The rotary connection on the harvester to the tractor hitch - The design allows to adapt the harvester according to the customer's needs in different planting conditions - Hydraulic drives, fully adjustable drives of the working elements Extras: - Hydraulic leveling wheels Recommended for efficient work on perpendicular slopes 3 ° to 12°. - Brakes: recommended for efficient work on cross slopes 1° to 2° - Hydraulic slide beam: adjust the combine inside the tractor by raising and lowering and moving it right/left. ( 4 directions) - Oil cooler: Recommended for continuous operation, especially in hot climates. - Wireless/ radio control panel (up to 80 meters) - Electrovalve control: necessary to control various optional functions from the tractor - Hydraulic first guide: In the standard version, our harvester is equipped with a mechanical one - Gooseberry covers: necessary for harvesting gooseberries or other berries due to the peculiarity of the gooseberry fruit, which is in contact very prone to splintering with shaking elements. - Rear platform deck extension by 60 cm. - Work light on platform / set of tealights - 3 types of shaker heads for different fruits - High vibration energy ARONIC for chokeberry - 920: Adjust with mass shaker for Haskap and raspberries - BOS shaker: for currants, rose hips, gooseberries and saskatons Specifications: trailed, 1/2 row harvester , 2-BOS shaker, picking speed 0.6-1.5km/h (0.1-0.2ha/h), transport speed 20km/h, picking, picking accuracy up to 99%, injuries < 1%, required labor - from tractor and operator, tractor Min 30 Hp / 300 rpm. Dimensions: height 2.5m, length 6.1m, width 2.6m and weight 1950kg./ Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 1850.000000
High (m) 2.5
Width (m) 2.4
Length (m) 6.1
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