Pull-type Berry harvester OSKAR A01 KO-002

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If your plantation is greater than 10h, we would definitely recommend considering a full -row harvesting harvester such as Oskar. & Nbsp; trailed berry harvester Oskar A01 is designed to collect berries such as: blackcurrants, red currants, chokeberries, & nbsp; gooseberries Rosewoods. & nbsp; Oskar A01 trailer, Oskar A01 is a machine connected to the tractor that collects the product from the whole plantation line at once. & nbsp; harvester has fully equipped and unique properties: & nbsp; - and in working positions, & nbsp; hydraulic platforms for fruit collection, & nbsp; small or large boxes, & nbsp; collection of fruits from low shrubs without loss of loss, good maneuverability, speed of 0.8 to 2 km/h and harvesting product ranges from currant and aronial to 99%. & nbsp; transport from the manufacturer's warehouse at an additional price! & nbsp; Cider Mill OÜ is the official representative of Jagoda products in Estonia!
Oskar harvester combine has unique and exclusive features that have proven to farmers very beneficial:
Maneuvering capacity that provides a smaller turning radius, especially important for reversal, & nbsp; protective roofs, & nbsp; Unemployment, & NBSP; Wireless control panel operates up to 30 meters away and can be used both from the tractor cabinet as well as behind the harvester, & nbsp; adjustable width in transport and working positions: Berry combine front axle gear is extended for harvesting (working position) and narrows for transportation positions, & nbsp; in large boxes, & nbsp; we developed a new vertically adjustable and compulsory spacing (hinged type) hanging knot between left transverse conveyor and right gutters - this solution significantly improves machine mobility on public roads and plantations, & nbsp; and an adjustable cake Rus, & nbsp; asymmetric position of Shakerite (the left shaking is shifted along the axis of the machine) and the use of an innovative system of hydraulic rapping slope allows you to adjust the shaking of high and shallow shrubs and consequently collecting other varieties. Raspberries bearing fruit from berries, including one -year -old shrubs, & nbsp; Oskar A01 berry harvester were adapted to collect many berry species using various parameters of the vibration in the amplitude of the vibration. Lower amplitude is used, for example, for gooseberry harvesting and higher currant harvesting, & nbsp; in addition, we developed two types of shaking elements: metal and plastic finger shells, & nbsp; dual fingers using fingers improved the installation of units on the column and allowed them to increase their fingers. This solution significantly increased the efficiency of the collection of strongly attached fruits to the germs (eg chokeberry fruits, when they were very dry), & nbsp; cleaning accuracy reaches 95%-99%and losses do not exceed 1%mechanical harvesting in the mechanical cleansers are still achieved by the best mechanical harvest Result, & nbsp; speed 0.8 to 2 km /h, & nbsp; productivity 0.3 to 0.5 hectares /hour.

Transportation by agreement (add -on price). & nbsp; Cider Mill OÜ is the official representative of Jagoda products in Estonia! Tractor power min. 52 kW/70 hp, & nbsp; harvested line number 1, & nbsp; harvest power up to 0.5 ha/hour, & nbsp; harvest accuracy up to 95-99%, & nbsp; speed 0.8 to 2 km/h, injured berries & nbsp; & lt ; 1%, & nbsp; work node drive, hydraulic pump through gearbox, works & nbsp; tractor external hydraulics, & nbsp; fan speed 0 - 1000 rpm, & nbsp; required personnel operators 2pcs +tractor, & nbsp; height 2400 → 2450 (mm) & nbsp; length 5000 → 6400 (mm), & nbsp; width 2880 → 4600 (mm), & nbsp; weight 3600 kg / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 3600
High (m) 2.4
Width (m) 2.88
Length (m) 5
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