Pheromone trap pea damager

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Norm 1 trap 2-3 m per pea. Pea wrap caterpillars are about 6mm long white or yellow with dark heads. They cause peas worm in July-August. Using using a pea diaper pheromone trap, you can discover the presence of this pest in your garden and evaluate its abundance with trap fishing to decide on the necessity of chemical control. Using a more traps, you can reduce the number of peas butterflies in the garden (by the so -called mass trap method). If the trap fishing is less than 5-10 butterfly per day, it is advisable not to spray! This saves nature and saves unnecessary expenses for the insecticide. The pheromone trap is a small plastic cabin, which is placed in the inner base and pheromone - impregnated capsule with drying glue. The trap attracts the butterflies into the cabin where they get stuck and die on the bottom of the glue. NB! The glue used on the bottom is very sticky and is not washable. Normal or lacibusin (White Spirit) may be used to clean your hands; Foot oil or other is less effective. The ends of the trap assembly are broken up. The glue smells are pulled open and one glue is placed upwards on the bottom of the trap. A rubber pheromone capsule is placed in the middle of the glue. Through the holes, the fasteners are placed to attach the trap to the branch. Store the spare capsule in a closed package in a cool place. Packing 1 plastic trap, 2 pheromone capsules, 2 glued adhesive flakes, 2 fasteners.
Pea wrapping peas are gray or brown, small butterflies with yellow markings, 12-16 mm wings. The pea wrap begins to fly during the flowering of the pea (June/July). The female butterflies lay larvae on their larvae, hatching caterpillars, which cause so -called peas worms. The caterpillars are white or yellow, with dark heads and about 6 mm long. The caterpillars migrate in the plant before entering the pods they feed for up to a month. The caterpillars leave Kauna by constantly eating it and remain in the cocoon to winter. The caterpillars are the most active in July-August. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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