Bioforce Germinator

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This 3-storey Growth Layout allows you to germinate three special types of seeds at the same time or at intervals Equipped every day and you make your meals a nutrient -rich feast. Your body will thank you for it!
Biosnacky germination dish is:
-& nbsp; easy to use easy to clean and scratch resistant
-& nbsp; UV firmly prepared for natural -friendly acrylic glass
-& nbsp; does not contain cadmium and formaldehyde
-& nbsp; ventilation system that provides correct air circulation with a functioning irrigation system
-& nbsp; in the nip washer, wash up to 85C
Smoothing is a breeze! You have the opportunity to buy a mini ecological garden in the kitchen corner without too much time and to provide yourself with delicious and nutritious germs throughout the year. Biosnacky Mini Greenhouse is the most purchased germination vessel. He is preferred because of his compactness and there is no need to buy germination papers on this breeding ground. From the Breeding Place, you will get the basics and instructions for successful germination and over time will become the best teacher in your own experience. We recommend starting with mungaids that germinate the easiest and fastest. The starting package is also accompanied by a breeding ground. Successful germination!

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