kettle 70l witg gas, used

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a few times used jam boilers.

Boiled boiler with gas burner. The boiled boiler is located inside a large pot, which is added to the oil to ensure a steady warming. Supplied with gas burner, oil, boiler with control center and mixing meadow. Weight 50kg, dimensions 65x130x65cm
The boiler is ideal for jam making (+100C), & nbsp; equipped with lower oil bath and mixing blades to ensure regular and uniform ripening raw materials and prevent desertation. The mixing speed can be adjusted from the control unit. & Nbsp; the structure is installed on a support frame that allows the machine to easily outflow and cleaning. & Nbsp; the supply kit includes thermo oil and gas stove 8.5kw & nbsp; . & nbsp; heat the boiler through the gas burner and occasionally check the oil level in a black bath. Connect the device to the electricity and run the mixer. & Nbsp; let the desired time ripen and then remove the lid. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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