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Vinoferm Acid Meter
Easy and fast measurement set of red and white wines: partially fill the cylinder with measurable liquid, drip the blue indicator until the color turns blue, you will immediately get acidity! Contains 1 special measuring cylinder, 1 bottle Vinoferm® blue indicator and lactus paper. Very easy to use. Also suitable for free sulphide determination with ionic solution (supplement ordered).
What is pH?
PH is a free measurement of hydrogen ion concentration in liquid. PH pH is 7. Liquids with a higher concentration of hydrogen ions than the water is acids and the pH is less than 7. Liquids with lower concentrations of hydrogen ions and pH are higher than 7. >
To determine the amount of acid in the wort of wine or wine. & nbsp; principle: & nbsp; the amount of acidity = added blue indicator Quantity & nbsp; (alkaline fluid), required to reach & nbsp; neutralization point To. Acidity expressed in vaate acid. & Nbsp; use: & nbsp; Fill in a special dimension with cylinders (filtered) wine or juice, & nbsp; up to mark 0. Add a few ml & nbsp; blue indicator and & nbsp; has become dark green (not quite) blue. & nbsp; this is the point of neutralization. Number & nbsp; ml in the cylinder (wine with blue & nbsp; indicator) gives us all the acidity & nbsp; grams per liter (7-8 & nbsp; gr/l is ideal for wine). With litmus paper & nbsp; we check the result: add 1 drop on paper and if it does not cause the color to change, the result is correct. If it turns red, the liquid is still too acidic and must be added & nbsp; blue liquid. If it turns blue/purple, is & nbsp; too alkaline and the test must be repeated. & Nbsp; for dark red wine, the color change is more difficult & nbsp; to see and dilute it to ½ or 1/3 & nbsp; distilled with water and the result must be multiplied & nbsp; 2 or 3. For very acidic juices, dilute as well as the measuring cylinder is limited to 20. Cider and table wines (6-10 ° Alk.) Should be
Acidity 6-8 g /l (i.e., 7 g /). Wines and sweet wines (13-15 ° alk.) & Nbsp; may be acidity 8-10 ° gr / l (Medium & Nbsp; 9 gr / l). & Nbsp; too small acid: eg 4 gr / l. & Nbsp; for table wine Add (7-4 =) 3 g of venous acid
or 3.6 g of lactic acid 80% per liter. Wines or sweet wines add (9-4 gr /l) 5g of vicor & nbsp; or 6 g lactic acid 80% per liter.
Determination of free sulfit with iodine-liquid (which does not contain ascorbic acid or vitamin C). The color change is blue (10sec.). Number of measurements in milliliters & nbsp; cylinder, multiplied by 10, gives you & nbsp; free sulfide (SO2) amount expressed & nbsp; milligram per liter. & Nbsp; maximum allowed: wine 50 ml / l. & Nbsp; average is 35 mg / l. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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