pH meter precision stick model PH-110

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Very accurate, digital pH meter, professional use model. With the measurement electrode to be filled, which calibrates the electrode and ensures accurate results. Features: built -in thermometer (° C / ° F); Automatic temperature improvements (ATC): -5 ° C to + 90 ° C / 25 ° F and 194 ° F; & nbsp; PH and Digital display of temperature with a stabilization readings; Easy to calibrate 2 or 3 points with automatic detection of calibration fluid; Repeatable flat electrode, including solids and semi -solids (skin, meat, cheese, etc.) for pH. Electrode & nbsp; Fulfillment significantly extends its life. The electrode should only be replaced in case of damage. & Nbsp; measurement is also possible for low fluid levels and also for surfaces. & Nbsp; function Renew: warns when the electrode has to be replaced. & Nbsp; calal-function: warns when the electrode has to calibrate. & Nbsp; Memory 15 for readings: pH and temperature; & nbsp; Hold function; Measuring scale & nbsp; pH: 0.00-14.00 pH; & nbsp; temperature: -5 to + 90 ° C / 25 to 194 ° F; Accuracy: ± 0.01, ± 1 ° C; & nbsp; IP67 or waterproof, automatic shutdown after 10 minutes, electrode protective cover, replacement membrane, instructions, 4 Li-ion battery CR2032, & nbsp; warranty: 1 year metric, 6 months electrode.
What is pH?
PH is a free measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions in liquid. Pure water pH is 7. Liquids with a higher concentration of hydrogen ions than the water is acidic and the pH is less than 7. Liquids with lower concentrations of hydrogen ions and pH are higher than 7. The value of the pH is higher than 7. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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