Privacy Policy

Cider Mill is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and users. Accordingly, we have prepared these privacy policy principles, which deal with the collection, use, publication, transmission and storage of customer data. Our activities on the Internet are in accordance with all relevant activities and the relevant legislation of the European Union and the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy policy.

Collection and use of personal data

Personal data is data specifically or indirectly associated with you as a private person, which Cider Mill collects and processes to fulfill the contract concluded with the individual or to contact him or her and to fulfill the obligations arising from the law.

The collection of personal data of a regular customer can be done in the following ways:

• when submitting contact data (including your name, personal identification number, postal address, phone number, e-mail address, preferred contact method) on our website or elsewhere (e.g. stores);
• when using the website from the customer's account information or via cookies
• when making a purchase or order in our store or e-store when storing personal contact data or data regarding purchase preferences (Cider Mill may ask you to voluntarily provide personal data and personal information in certain areas of its website. The required personal data may include name, address, postal code, e-mail address, telephone number and other data);
• when submitting an installment payment request

Collection of other data

We also collect non-personalized data - data that cannot be directly linked to a specific person (gender, age, language preference, location).
We may also collect data about customer activities on our website. This data is aggregated and used so that we can deliver more useful information to our customers and learn which parts of the website, products and services are of most interest to us. Aggregated data is treated as non-personalized data in this privacy policy.

Use and storage of collected personal data

With the help of collected personal data, we can inform customers about Cider Mill product news, campaigns and future events. A customer who does not want to be on our newsletter list or receive notifications about products that may interest him can remove himself from the target group of recipients at any time.

We also use the collected personal data to deliver the goods and to fulfill our obligations to the customer.

By accepting the terms of the privacy policy, the customer gives Cider Mill consent to the automated processing of his data. You can always withdraw your consent through our website or by making a statement in a form that allows for written reproduction. There is no retroactive effect on the application or withdrawal of consent.

In order to better serve the customer, Cider Mill may disclose information about individual users to a third party that provides services to Cider Mill and is contractually obligated to keep the shared information confidential. A third party is, for example, our partner, whose tasks are the transport of goods sold in the e-shop or the provision of a postpaid service.

The customer's personal data is stored by Cider Mill until the termination of the regular customer contract. Data that is required to be stored due to legislation (e.g. accounting data) is stored by Cider Mill based on the requirements set out in the legislation.

Modification of collected personal data

The personal data collected to identify and contact the customer can be viewed, changed and supplemented in the "My account information" section of our website.

Protection of personal data

Cider Mill takes all precautions (including administrative, technical and physical measures) to protect the customer's personal data. Only authorized persons have access to change and process data.

If you suspect that your personal data has been handled contrary to what is described in this privacy policy or there is a risk that your data has been leaked to strangers, notify us immediately. This is the only way we can keep the potential damage as low as possible.

The customer has the right to demand the termination of the processing of his data, information about the use of the data and the transfer of data to himself or a third party in a commonly used format. In order to avoid misuse of the customer's data and rights, requests may only be submitted in a form where the applicant's identity can be identified (digitally signed or personally signed at the representative office). We reserve the right to respond to such requests within 30 days.

We treat the request to stop data processing as a statement to terminate the contract of a regular customer.


All personal data of the customer that becomes known during the visit to the Cider Mill e-store and making purchases is treated as confidential information. An encrypted data communication channel with banks ensures the security of the purchaser's personal data and bank details.

Privacy Policy Terms and Changes

By starting to use our website or by filling out the regular customer application, you have read and accepted these principles and conditions. We'll leave it to ourselves

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