Viking Lightly Peated Malt - 7-10 EBC - 25 kg

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The taste of this malt is like that of pilsner malt - a little peaty and a hint of smoke. Special suitable varieties are used. Due to the relatively low processing temperature, the enzymatic activity and other good brewing properties are preserved. USES: Can be used in distilleries for whiskey production. Since "Lightly Peated Malt" is not too overpowering in the aroma and flavor profile during the brewing process, it can be considered a pilsner malt with a distinct aroma. Lightly Peated Malt can also be used as a spice in the bakery industry. Did you know? Unlike caramel malts, chocolate malts are obtained from dry malts, which caramelize under the influence of sugars at a high temperature during roasting. Various recipes can be found at this link. Viking Malt is one of the largest malt companies in the world and the largest roaster of specialty malts. They are the main city suppliers of the famous brewery Carlsberg..
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