Silicone hose PHARMAPRESS 6,4x12,6mm -30...+100°C

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Transparent hose made of TPE-S hygienic rubber, reinforced with high resistance polyester thread. Completely smooth inside and out to improve flow properties and allow easy cleaning and sterilization. Very neutral taste and smell, it retains the organoleptic properties of the medium. Hardening-free material: Pharmapress does not require a vulcanization process, which is why it prevents the risk of hardener residues leaching into the final product (peroxide or platinum volatile residues) and allows saving energy sources and limiting CO2 emissions. Good chemical resistance to acids and alkaline solutions. Excellent resistance to hydrolysis and bacterial growth. Versatile rubber resistant to oils and greases under normal conditions of use, as well as ozone, aging and weathering. To ensure permanent wall-built marking traceability even after repeated use. Food grade according to EU 10/2011 (classes A, B, C, D1, D2) and FDA CFR-21-177.2600. Meets USP CLASS VI standard for pharmaceutical products.
• Delivery hose intended for transporting food, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceutical products. Suitable for many carriers such as wines, fruit juices, vinegar, spirits up to 96% alcohol, creams, soaps, milk and by-products; also resistant to products containing oils and fats.

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