Plantation soil loosen unit Jagoda Zuza 1-row

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Eco hydraulic weeding machine Jagoda Zuza is designed for mechanical weed control in biofarms, where crops grow in rows, with a difference that the tractor can pass the cultivated track. & Nbsp; Plants and various row spacing. & nbsp; we offer one of the most effective organic organic solution solutions on the market in different versions to reduce labor costs and inconsistent weeding and to exclude the use of herbicide in fruits and vegetable plantations. The device itself & nbsp; has been working in many plantations for over 15 years, which has been confirmed by a large number of satisfied customers and has been constantly developing. Jagoda provides a 2-year warranty on the device. & Nbsp; echydraulic weed remover Zuza is adapted to vegetable crops of up to 0.5 meters high, flowers, lavender, lettuce, pumpkin, rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries and youth currants, chokeberry berries. Supplied with & nbsp; spring cleaner and/or vertical knives that destroy weeds. It is recommended to use knives on rocky and hard soils. & NBSP; the device is equipped with a rotary speed -adjusting valve, & nbsp; operating depth is determined by changing the relative position of the head and support plate. Possibility to install multiple cleaning equipment to ensure 2..3'e and more furrow cleaning. & Nbsp; in addition, the ability to move the tractor axis on each section frame 20 cm to the right or left. & Nbsp; our mechanical weed control machine creative design allows farmers to save time and money as It replaces 6-8 employees. & nbsp; transport from the manufacturer's warehouse at an additional price!
The device is manufactured in different versions: & nbsp; turning heads using mobile lever Working time: & nbsp; zu-001: single-line, & nbsp; zu-001A: single-line joystick, & nbsp; zu-001f: single-line internal hydraulic sets, & nbsp; zu-002: double-row, & nbsp; zu-002f: double-row -003: three-line internal hydraulic set.
Technical info Zuza 1: operating 1 ... 4cm, height 2150mm, width 1240-1550mm, length 2220mm, working element diam ether 300/225mm, workers: operator + tractor, working speed 1-3km/h, productivity 0.5 ... 1ha/h, oil requirement 25l/min, weight 250kg & nbsp; / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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