Labelling machine PE-ET + Kit support narrow labels

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Semi-automatic and high-quality tagger from Italian manufacturer. Install the first and rear label on the bottle (alternating stickers on one roll) and automatically adds the batch number and date to the label.
Dimensions: 365 x 670 x H 340; weight 25kg; productivity up to 600pdl /h.

PS. Make sure that the bottles used are straight, i.e. not an irregular surface. If there is an irregular surface then:
1 - Do not apply a bottle label to the bottle as it tends to create wrinkles and air bubbles
2 - Preferably install the tag from the front and back (from one roll Lots of statutory graphics and data.
3 - Avoid plastic materials for labels, especially polypropylene, which is particularly sensitive to the unevenness of this surface.
4 - We recommend using regular paper or alternative to certain weighted paper

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