Cross-Flow Filter Oenoflux 4.15 to 4000L/H

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The wine and juice filter is supplied with optimal product quality and practical basic hardware. As standard, our systems are equipped with a touch panel, pre-filter, dry run protection, pressure and temperature monitoring, automatic gas pressure backwash (CO2, N2 or air) and adjustable dynamic filtration. With this filtration technique, there is very little residue loss. Special attention is paid to the outstanding hygiene and steam conditions of our new models. With this, the structure of the wine becomes delicate, the natural CO2 content and the mechanical load are preserved even more. Smooth ease of use (<50 dB) and easy internal cleaning. Filters are childishly simple and can be used directly by the customer. All parts in contact with the product are made entirely of stainless steel material 1.4404 (V4A) and mounted on a movable stainless steel frame. Advantages of Oenoflux systems: Short residence time of the wine in the machine; very small increase in fluid temperature; low energy and water consumption, maximum preservation of wine quality characteristics, uniform filtrate quality, high profit and low cost of raw materials; no previous sedimentation of the product is required; no additional filter tools are required; compact frame size; gentle filtering control; easy to use and handle. Models with 2-4-6 diaphragms. Device-specific solutions are possible: To meet the different demands and expectations of manufacturers of all sizes, the Oenoflux system is available in various configurations with modular construction. System content and automation levels vary, and all systems are equal in terms of filtration concept, membranes, capacity, warranty, product quality, reliability and safety. In addition, several options can be selected as accessories: • Automatic detergent dosing: automatic detergent dosing device with automatic tank cleaning • Vario function: With this function, the filter can control an external feed pump, so you can choose whether the machine works directly from the tank or indirectly with the feed pump. Plus 7" touch panel. • 6/4/2: Transition to two smaller modules for smaller filtering • SMS: Notification of previously customized mobile phone filter status report via SMS. Mobile phone and SIM card are not included in the delivery. • IFR: Interval Filtrate Backwash: Our utility model protected backwash system. Instead of gas, a volume of filtered wine is flushed back./ Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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