Bioethanol fireplace Dorre, black

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On dark evenings, you can't want anything better than enjoying the fire at the table with your family and friends. The combustion fluid is used by min.95% bioethanol, which makes combustion clean and free of toxic residues. The bio -fireplace is easy to use because it does not require a separate smoke flue and does not emit soot and ash. Simply fill the burner with burner fluid and ignite. The lower part of the black metal and the 3mm tempered glass surrounding the flame. In addition, the flame deletion dish includes. Features: Stainless combustion dose 120ml / burner in the inflammation of the fluid absorbing the fluid -absorbent fiber material prevents the fireplace from overcapping the fluid from the output / power 2.5kW, the combustion time ca. 70-80min. / Dimensions: 26.5x18cm, weight 1.2kg. DORRE - Swedish quality. & Nbsp; also buy burn fluid! / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 1.04
High (m) 0.2
Width (m) 0.175
Length (m) 0.175
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