Bag 220L, aluminium, tap in center

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Three layered quality bag with a durable 200my strength class (extra strong). In use an elpo cap, which is easy to open by handy means - heat with a heat blower or put the bag in the mouth of the mouth +70C water and after about 30sk you can open /close the cap by simple means as the plastic cap becomes softer.
Certified nutrients hot +85c.
A preservative bag is suitable for packaging juice, wine, concentrates and other non -gas supply fluids. For the better preservation of the raw material, the bag has a special silver layer of oxygen and protected from light. The bag has a cap. Using a bag: Place the bag, for example, a barrel - fill the bag by pouring or pumping directly into the bag - close the cap by watching the air bubbles remain. When emptying the bag, open the cap and pump/pour the liquid. The preservation bag is well suited for acidic juice or various concentrates. Advantages of a storage bag: better preservation of raw materials, sterility and after that you do not need to clean the container. The bag is light, it takes a little storage space when empty. The bag is for one -off use. Pack 60pcs. Store the bag eg. Closed plastic plastic in 220l. One bag suffers at least 350kg of weight, i.e. at least 2 bags can be stored on top of each other. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 0.620000
High (m) 0.05
Width (m) 0.9
Length (m) 1.5
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