Alcohol Distiller 30l Still Boiler Spirits Water Brewing

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30 l stainless steel distilator and fermentation pot - two in one. 
The product is made of high quality and hygienic stainless steel welded with argon. Large 30 l fermentor and advanced cooling equipment to ensure excellent performance by distiling the product. Thanks to its special features and convenience, it is used in small business and households. The column of the device is equipped with ceramic balls, which ensures the purity of the raw material. & Nbsp; external condensation and condensation in the tube can be done simultaneously, ensuring a better cooling effect, while the built -in spiral pipe has a higher contact surface cooling. The flowing water enters through the lower inlet and exits through the upper outlet. & Nbsp; with the supplied thermometer, you can monitor the temperature in real time. Gauze bags, grate and air lock save many problems in the fermentation process. And the alcohol kit is included. Possibility to use a ceramic, wood stove, gas, etc. in the pot. on top of the heater. 
Technical info: & nbsp; fermentator volume: 30 l, & nbsp; fermentator size: 350x350mm ,  condenser 140 x 280 mm, input amount: about 7,5 kg of raw material, & nbsp; Steaming time: 1-2 h (including heating time), & nbsp; goods weight: 5.2 kg. & nbsp; manufacturing land: Chinese. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry

Weight (kg) 5.200000
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