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The beautiful copper pot is machine made but hand hammered and perfect for cooking any food you fancy. They are widely used in making marmalade and jam, but they can also be used to make many other dishes or even to make beer. They are made of 100% copper except for the brass handles. In the kitchens of southern Portugal and Spain, these copper pots are always used to cook octopus, as people swear it gives the dish a distinctive flavor that cannot be obtained with a regular pot. All copper pots have a flat bottom and can be used for ceramic, gas or wood stoves. They should not be used on induction hobs. Copper pots are not treated on the inside and therefore you should remove food from them after cooking so that the copper does not oxidize. Technical data: Capacity: 10L, Height x Length x Width (cm): 20 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm, Materials: 100% copper and brass handles. Cleaning and maintenance: Before using copper cookware for the first time, you must wash the pot thoroughly, fill the pot with water and let the water boil to remove impurities left over from the manufacturing process. To avoid scratching, use only wood, nylon, or non-stick utensils on these pots. Always wet the pot after use so that only a soft cloth is sufficient for cleaning afterwards. PS Dimensions and weight may differ from those indicated above, as it is a handmade product..
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