Wine start kit 25l, universal

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Supplied with: yeast nutrient, yeast, clouds and yeast stop. Usage: First, add the yeast food to the wort and mix and then dissolve the yeast in a small amount of water or wine. After the fermentation process has ended, keep the wine cool and use the clarity, filter and add the yeast Stop & Nbsp; and, if desired, bottle. Ps. The clarification process is faster than the wine is brought to the cool eg. +10c space.
yeast nutrient 12g:
Nutrisal yeast nutrient. Contains diamonium phosphate. Dosing: 3-6g /10 l. & nbsp; nutrients should always be added before yeast
yeast 7g:
Fermentations persist, even at lower temperatures, low-time. Ideal for another fermentation and sparkling wines or & nbsp; To restart the suspended fermentation . Wide temperature range: 10-30 ° C. Alcohol content: 16%. Dosage: & nbsp; 2G/10L at temperature & gt; 15 ° C, & nbsp; 3G/10l temp. & lt; 15 ° C
Bentonite 40g:
Very high absorption, wines and juices. Dose: 1-2g/l, expanded in water 3 ... 5h. Pour the excess water out and dissolve again in a small amount of wine/juice you want to explain. Evaluate the result. Then add to a large container and stir. Bentonite is a special clay that is mixed in wine and on the way the bottom of the wine barrel involves all the float. Unfortunately, it also takes color, fermentation stop, Sulfit Winy 3G:
High Pure Potassium Metabisulfit. Protects wines from oxidation, eliminates unwanted microbial flora and blocks the activity of oxidative enzymes. & Nbsp; used to prevent oxidation of juice/wine/beer, elimination of natural yeasts to stop the fermentation process. Dosage: 1 to 1.5g/10l to sterilize wine. Usage: Dissolve in small amounts of water or wine and add to a evenly processed mass.
Warning: Use protective gloves / clothing / face and eye protection. & Nbsp; causes severe eye damage. & Nbsp; contact with acids releases toxic gas. & Nbsp; minutes thoroughly. & nbsp; contact the Poison Information Center or Doctor
immediately upon ingestion / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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