Wine cork TWINCORK • 39x23

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The twin caps are concentrated and of very good quality. These caps consist of a compressed cap pellets and are at the bottom of the cap with a natural cap. & Nbsp; Features: cap with permanent density and thus ensuring a continuous "counter pressure"; & nbsp; 2 cork layers are treated so that the taste abnormalities are almost excluded; normal "natural cap" when opening a bottle; polished outer part treated with silicone; affordable and guaranteed quality; For the Savings & Nbsp; for the wine making, the cork length is 39mm ordinary cork layers.
Corked product storage time -& gt; More than 5 years. Possibility to order a cap with a company logo.
* User recommendations: Leave a range of 15-20mm between the cap and the liquid when applying the cap and use only an electric cork and a solid cap. Corker press iron must compress sufficiently to avoid cork defects. Press iron should be made of stainless steel, chrome or nylon. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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Width (m) 0.069
Length (m) 0.365
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