Scale Kern Max. 6/15kg +/- 2/5G Calibrates

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Multifunctional weight with an IP65 screen. The compact flat construction, the possibility and light weight of the battery food allows you to conveniently transport from one location to another and use in different locations. For example, in production, warehouse, post office and elsewhere the IP65 screen panel is protected from dust and liquid splashes when the Pre-Tare of the battery or battery power is used for manual vessel weight separation, Ingredients. Later, it is possible to recover the total weight of all ingredients. Wide selection of programs such as g/m2, g/m, etc. Weighing range 2g/5g to 6kg/15kg. The height and balance of the weight is adjustable with the rubber legs in the corners of the platform and the indicator is at stake to accurately regulate the balance of vibration -free consideration. The vibrations are filtered out and the stable weight value is achieved. Ideal for pet consideration because the Hold (preservation) key is at stake. If the animal moves during weighing, the average weight is maintained by pressing down the Hold key, e.g., until the Hold key is pressed again at +5 to +35 degrees. Technical information: LCD screen height 25mm. Weighing platform dimensions 318x308x75mm. Screen dimensions 225x110x56mm. Screen cable length ca 140cm. Input voltage 220V-250V AC 50Hz. Patile food. Battery option. Loading time 10 hours. Working hours 12 hours. Device weight ca 4,72kg warranty 2 years / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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