Renting equipment: Automatic canning pot-pasteur 27l Domo with tap

SKU: 9001214
EAN: 2000000023519
Unit: day/s)
19,00 €

3,42 €/Kg
The price for the weekend is 20eur. Multifunctional stainless pot with bottom tap and many options! Prepare food, boil, preserve and heat juice, etc. and behind a healthy lifestyle. Suitable for pasteurizing juice and bottling directly into bags. Not suitable for heating viscous raw materials such as milk, syrup, jam, etc. Additional information: Stainless steel bowl size 27L; Productivity of juice pasteurization approx. 25l/h (+from 20C to +85C approx. 60min depending on the ambient temperature) ; Very precise thermostat with LCD display 30...+100C; Timer: 1-120min; Overheating protection; Audio alarm when the temperature is reached; non-heating lid; The set includes a grate on which it is convenient to make compotes or to disinfect tare; Power 2kw; Dimensions 415x414x455mm./ Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 5.550000
High (m) 0.46
Width (m) 0.4
Length (m) 0.4
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