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Jagoda Daria is produced specifically for plantation & nbsp; for simple and fast planting. & Nbsp; universal planting machine suitable for planting different shrubs and seedlings. & Nbsp; a label determining the correct distance between plants - possibility to use 2 different seedlings (16 cm and 22 cm), & nbsp; planting depth up to 35 cm. The planting machine is equipped with a subscriber that determines the appropriate line of 2-4m. & Nbsp; basket dimensions (1480 mm x 800 mm). More than 60 steel rods are welded in each basket that is suitable for small trees and seedlings. As a result, the basket does not occur in the soil and makes planting more effective, especially for berry plants. Working rate 0.2-2km /h. & Nbsp; transport from the manufacturer's warehouse at an additional price!

Technical data: & nbsp; productive 3000 to 5000 trees per day, scrapers are adjustable in both vertical and vertical in a horizontal direction to fit the furrow to flood the seedlings of different sizes. & nbsp; press wheels are adjustable in vertical and horizontal directions to the ground, depending on the size of the seedling. Planting requires & nbsp; 2 operators, one cinematographer stings berry bushes into the planting element (seed), while the other prepares and separates plants. & Nbsp; for small trees: 1 operator and another seat trees. & nbsp; the height of the front wheels is adjustable. & nbsp; 1-row device can be attached to a 3-point CAT 2 tractor tractor with a 3-point levered leverage and requires 30 hp tractor.
length 2250 mm, & nbsp; width 2250 mm, & nbsp; Height 1200 mm, & nbsp; planting depth max. 350 mm, & nbsp; the extent of the excretion marker 2000-3800 mm, & nbsp; excretion of the indicator max. 400 mm, & nbsp; working speed 0.2- 2.0 km/h, & nbsp; tractor power min. 30 hp, & nbsp; weight 380 kg / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
Weight (kg) 380
High (m) 1.2
Width (m) 2.25
Length (m) 2.25
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