Oilpress Vevo 3-6kg/h 850W

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HIGH QUALITY - The oil press is made of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-rust and has high impact and low temperature resistance. The stainless steel funnel is formed by a special stamping tool with high durability and strength. HIGH EFFICIENCY - The oilseed extraction rate is up to 95%, which depends on the oilseed. In addition, it can work continuously for 24 hours. Compared to other machines, our machine has higher efficiency. HOT/COLD/COOK - With a built-in thermostatic heater, the machine can meet all your needs for hot, cold and keeping ingredients hot. Get ready to enjoy natural and healthy oil. EASY TO USE - Turn on the heat switch, preheat the machine for a few minutes, then put the seeds in the hopper and the oil will come out. The automatic oil press can be cleaned with a suitable cleaning brush to save time and effort. Insulated gloves can protect your hands from burns, and there is also a funnel. MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - The machine is widely used for peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, corn, soybean, avocado, coconut, hemp seed, rapeseed, sunflower, flaxseed, walnut, etc. Danger!!! Never insert fingers or hard objects, such as a metal stick, into the chamber entrance to stir the raw material. Olive oil pressing: remove the core and cut the fresh olive into peanut-sized pieces, then dry the fresh olive in the sun or heat it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes before putting it in the machine. To press the olive oil: first remove the stones and cut the olives into peanut-sized pieces (this makes it easier to fill the press). Special attention to raw materials that cannot be pressed, corn, olives, rice, pork, rice. 3C, UL, PSE, CE, ROHS approved, Smart control system to ensure automatic oil making function, International standard 304 food grade steel parts, Unique double filtration technology to keep oil cleaner, Automatic constant temperature control to ensure oil extraction rate above 95 % and the absence of microbes. Low noise below 60 DB. Quick oil release, just 5 minutes. Easy to clean. Takes up little space. A rational home oil press machine that you can also use for small business. The oil extraction rate is up to 45%, which depends on the oilseed. Easy to use, clean and move. The motor is industrial, which can work 24h. Examples: Peanut 40%-47% 3-4.5kg/h, Sesame 42%-52% 3.5-5kg/h. Linseed 32%-40% 4-5.5kg/h, Tea seed kernel 34%-40% 3-4kg/h, Hazelnut kernel 55%-65% 3-3.5kg/h, Sunflower seed 45%-55% 3.5- 5kg/h, Walnut 60%-70% 3-4kg/h, Perilla seeds 40%-50% 4-5kg/h, Almond 52%-58% 3-4kg/h, Rapeseed 30%-38% 4-6kg /h Technical data: Material: 304 - food grade stainless steel, Supply voltage: 220V/50Hz, Package weight: 11.4 kg, Machine weight: 11 kg, Total power: 550W, Press power: 850W, Productivity: 3- 6kg/h,  Machine dimensions: (length × width × height) / (460 × 190 × 240) mm,  Country of manufacture: China.

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