liqueur extract Lick Fine Poire 1 liter

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Contents: 1 l, sufficient for 50 liters of liqueur/alcoholic flavor. Recipe on the label. & Nbsp; flavors: pear with cognac
You can use the aromas to make your own spirits and liqueurs. You can also use extracts in all kinds of delicious culinary dishes: desserts, pastries, yogurt, etc.
Prepare yourself liqueurs:
Each essence bottle label has a recipe. Mix it with water, with pure alcohol (90/96 °) and sugar (or diabetics who can use fructose - 75% of the sugar content) to obtain a liqueur comparable to the liqueur in stores. Better yet, because the sugar and alcohol content can be adjusted according to each person's taste and desire. You only need to reduce the amount of pure alcohol and increase the amount of water to obtain a less alcohol liqueur. With one liter of pure alcohol you can make about three liters of drinks and even more than you reduce the alcohol content. It does not spoil the taste of the drink, but makes it less alcoholic. When the mixture is ready, do not forget, let it rest for at least a week. As you get older, the taste improves. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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