Kiehl Grasset 1l Alkaline Fat Property in the food industry

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Fat removal agent
Properties: & nbsp; alkaline rapid purifying agent for removal of vegetable and animal fats, oils and proteins. & Nbsp; can be used in both cold and hot water. Protects against corrosion. The product contains & nbsp; special ingredients suitable for the food industry. & Nbsp; composition (648/2004/EC, respectively). & Nbsp; anionic tensides & lt; 5%, non -ionic tensides & lt; 5%, soap & lt; 5%, water -soluble solvents, & nbsp; phosphates & lt; 5%, alkalis. & Nbsp; pH (concentrate): u. 13 pH (laundry): u. 11.
use: & nbsp; all alkaline substances and water-tolerant flooring materials, walls and worktops & nbsp; food industry, canteens, meat industry and slaughterhouses, dairy and cheese industry, & nbsp; dairies, bakery, hospitals, hotels, etc. Protects against corrosion, also suitable for & nbsp; anodized aluminum. Not suitable for alkaline non -tolerant surfaces (linoleum, varnished surfaces, etc.).
Make sure of the material to tolerate alkaline substances by testing the product in a small non -visible area. & Nbsp; daily harvesting, & nbsp; : & nbsp; 50-200 ml / 8 l water (approx. 1-4 press)
Large cleansing: & nbsp; 1 l / 8 l water. Treat the surface with a floor care machine, & nbsp; remove the residues with a waterbag.
Foam wash: & nbsp; pour the concentrate into the foam washer tank. & Nbsp; select the dosage nozzle 1: 4 to 1:10 depending on the amount of dirt.
Apply foam to the surface. Allow to work for about 10 min, rinse with clean water.
Removal of strongly attached dirt: & nbsp; use grasshot without diluting. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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