Diesel generator Rotek 400V/max.5,7kw, 230V/1,8kw

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SAMPLE MODEL Economical and powerful 1-cylinder 418cc 4-stroke diesel engine generator max. power 5.7 kW. Compared to a gasoline generator, the fuel consumption can be almost 3x lower, and the savings on current costs can be 3x higher! 3-phase 400V industrial generator with electronic voltage regulation (AVR). Outputs 1x 400V, 1x 230V connection (for 1-phase use, note the notes at the bottom of the manual). 10 liter diesel tank approx. 5 hours of operation at full load, Automatic engine stop when oil pressure is insufficient. Electric start, including starter battery. Integrated working hours counter. Power generator with 1-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine for home and industrial use. The generator used is an industrial grade electronically controlled synchronous generator with a maximum capacity of 5500 VA / 5.5 kVA. The integrated 418cc four-stroke diesel engine stands for low consumption values, high power density and good emission values. The device's functions are complemented by a vibration-damping device base frame. Notes on using three-phase generators: Many customers believe that three-phase generators are better than single-phase generators. This is not true. If you have 3-phase consumers (400V-formerly 380V, i.e. red plug or commonly called "high current"), you will of course also need a 3-phase generator. However, if you only have single-phase consumers (230V-formerly 220V, i.e. Schuko socket or commonly called "light flux"), it is better to use a single-phase generator. Why so? As the name suggests, a three-phase generator has 3 windings (or phases). These 3 coils are connected together at one point. This is called the star point or neutral conductor. The voltage from the neutral conductor to each coil is 230V, the voltage between the two coils is 400V. But each coil can only deliver a third of the total current. This means that using this generator as an example, your maximum power output is 5.5kVA at 400V (for three-phase use) - but if you use the generator as single-phase, you will only get a third of the total power - ie 1.8kVA - at 230V. In the case of a three-phase generator, ensure that the difference in the load of the phases is not more than 30%. If you are not sure which generator is the best choice for your application, please contact us. Technical data: Generator type: 3-phase synchronous generator with brushes, rated voltage 400V (230V), 50 Hz, Peak power (at V) 5.5 kVA / 4.6 kW (400 V), 1.8 kVA at 230 V, Continuous output (at V) 5.0 kVA / 4.1 kW (400 V). 1.7 kVA at 230 V, Voltage regulation electronically, validation Thermal circuit breaker BSB1-30-P7, Integrated hour counter, Engine type 418 cm3 1-cylinder diesel engine, 4-stroke, air-cooled, direct injection, fuel diesel, Starting system Electric and manual start ( starter battery included), Tank volume 10 liters, ATS readiness, Fuel consumption at idle: 0.6 l / h, 2.3 kW load: 1.1 l / h, 4.3 kW load: 1.9 l / h, Exhaust gas class SV , EU / 2016/1628, Exhaust pipe diameter : 38 mm, Dimensions (WxDxH) 710 x 500 x 610 mm, weight 100 kg, sound level LWA 99 dB (A), 86 dB @ 7 m. Additional information: Gross weight (without packaging): 104 kilograms, total product dimensions (LxWxH): 730 mm x 510 mm x 630 mm, Shipment weight (including overpack per 1 pc/PU): 109 kilograms, shipping dimensions 1 pc/PU (LxWxH): 800mm x 600mm x 750mm. Warranty 1 year or 3000 working hours. This diesel generator is not an inverter and therefore the pure sine wave variation is +/-10%/ Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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