Diesel generator E-Generator DG11000E 400V/max.8.0kw, 230V/2.6kw

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Economical and powerful 1-cylinder 418cc 4-stroke diesel engine generator max. Power 8kw/50Hz. Compared to a gasoline generator, fuel consumption may be approximately 3x lower and also 3x size than running costs! ).). Outputs 1x 400V, 1x 230V connection (for 1-phase use, note the bottom of the guide). 12.5 -liter diesel tank ca. 5.5 hours of working on full load, & nbsp; automatic stop of the engine when the oil pressure is insufficient. & Nbsp;
Electrical trigger, including startup. & Nbsp; integrated working hours counter. & Nbsp; power generator 1-cylinder 4-stroke diesel for use. & nbsp; the generator used is an industrial quality electronically controlled synchronous generator with maximum power 8kw. & nbsp; integrated 418 cm3 four -stroke diesel engine denotes low consumption values, high power density and good exhaust density. & NBSP; Br /> Notes on the use of three -phase generators:
Many customers believe that three -phase generators are better than single -phase. This is not true. If you have 3-phase consumers (400 V-Verem 380 V, ie red socket or commonly called "strong current"), of course you also need a three-phase generator. & Nbsp; if you only have single-phase consumers (230V-Verem 220V, ie Schuko socket or commonly called "luminous flux"), it is better to use a single -phase generator. Why? & Nbsp; as the name implies, the three -phase generator has 3 windings (or phase). These 3 windings are connected at one point. This is called a star or neutral manager. The voltage of a neutral driver for each winding is 230V, the two windings are 400V. & Nbsp; but each winding can only supply the total flow. This means that using this generator as an example, your maximum output power is 5.5 kVA at 400 V (for three -phase use) -moths if you use a generator as single -phase, you can only get a third of the total power - ie at 2.6kW - 230V.
If You are not sure which generator is the best choice for your application, please contact us.

Specifications: & nbsp; generator type: 3-phase synchronous generator with brushes, & nbsp; nominal voltage 400V (230V) , & nbsp; peak power (at V) 8.0 kW (400 V), 2.6 kW at 230 V, & nbsp; continuous output (at V) 7.5 kW (400 V). At 2.5kw 230V, & nbsp; voltage regulation electronically, & nbsp; validation thermal circuit breaker BSB1-30-p7, & nbsp; integrated working hours counter, & nbsp; engine type 418 cm3 1-cylinder diesel engine, 4 diesel, & nbsp; boot system electric and manual start -up (accompanied by startup), & nbsp; tank volume 12.5 liters, & nbsp; fuel consumption idle: 0.6 l / h, & nbsp; 2.3 kW load: 1.1 l / h, 1.1 l / h & nbsp; 4.3 kW load: 1.9 l / h, & nbsp; exhaust class S-V, EU / 2016/1628, Dimensions (LXSXK) 770 x 540 x 700 mm, & nbsp; weight 145 kg, & nbsp; volume LWA 99 dB (LWA 99 DB ( A), 80-85 db @ 7 m. & Nbsp; warranty for 1 year or 3000 hours. / Nb! Translation has been made by automatic program and mistakes can be possible. We are sorry
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